Massage in Cedar Park, Texas

Services and Pricing

Therapeutic massages are $30 for 30 minutes, $60 for one hour, and $80 for one-and-a-half hours. Add a peppermint foot scrub or hot stone massage to any treatment for an additional $10.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is generally the best option when your goal is to decrease mental/emotional stress. Generally a full-body massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is designed to increase blood flow to an area. The work is deeper than a Swedish Massage and is capable of breaking up some connective tissue adhesions.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage allows for a deeper access to hidden muscles adhesions. Feel the connection to the Earth as these stones from Mother Nature are used to harmonize and balance the body.

Neuromuscular Massage

Neuromuscular Massage is the utilization of pressure on special myofascial points to relieve pain. It works best when there are numerous trigger points and connective tissue adhesions.

Muscle Release Technique

Muscle Release Technique is designed to break up scar tissue, to lengthen muscles and restore muscle memory. Relief from pain starts immediately.


Reflexology is a method of relieving pain by stimulating pressure points on the feet. This ancient practice has helped thousands of people and can be added to any of my modalities or a hour long treatment on just the feet. This is also a great treatment a long with the foot scrub.


Cupping is an ancient modality from China. Cups are placed on various parts of the body stimulating the flow of energy.


Peppermint Foot Scrub - $10 extra

Peppermint Foot Scrub is an energizing application of pure peppermint oil to your feet, followed by a scrub with shea butter and sea salts.

Hot Stone Massage - $10 extra

A balancing treatment that allows a deeper access to muscle adhesions.